Introducing ALLPROTECT: The Most Innovative Solution in Self-Adhesive Surface Protection


When it comes to protecting your job site, you need a product that can do it all. That’s why you should choose ALLPROTECT Self-Adhesive Surface Protection. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your surface protection needs.

Using your ALLPROTECT surface protection products couldn’t be faster or easier: just peel, stick, and press. It’s that simple. Before you stick, make sure that the surface is clean and dry for long-lasting adhesion.

After application, ALLPROTECT surface protection products are inseparable, which means you’ll never have to worry about tripping hazards like loose corners or bubbled air pockets. You can feel confident, knowing that you’ll get a smooth, even, and consistent finish every time. And when you’re ready to remove your ALLPROTECT surface protection, simply peel the ALLPROTECT away from the surface. There’s no sticky residue, no damage, and no sign that there was ever anything there!

All products from the ALLProtect series are made from nonwoven polyester material and lined with polyethylene film with a pressure-sensitive acrylic coating.

Together, these materials are the ultimate in durability, and strength, assuring you of leak-proof, slip-proof, and drop-proof protection you can rely on.

ALLPROTECT surface protection products act as a temporary dirt and liquid trap while you’re working, ensuring that you leave the job site just as clean as when you started. These products have successfully proven to protect underlying layers against water, motor oil, grease, standard cleaners, WD-40, methyl ethyl ketone, and more.

ALLProtect Original

Wooden Stairs protected by Allprotect
Super robust, highly adhesive, and suitable for even the most hard-wearing situations, including heavy mechanical use,
ALLPROTECT Original was made to do it all. Its lightweight design allows it to stick virtually anywhere, on floors, walls, and ceilings. Highly-absorbent and totally impenetrable, you’ll never have to worry about bumps, stains, or scratches on your job site.



ALLProtect FR+

ALLPROTECT FR+ is the very best in fire-resistant and anti-static surface protection and is suitable for work areas with increased safety requirements.




ALLProtect Flex

With its ultra-flexible capabilities, ALLPROTECT Flex is designed to adapt perfectly to corners, edges, frames, and railings. Made with extra stretch, the Flex product is built to protect even the trickiest spots, including curves and angles.




ALLProtect White


ALLPROTECT White is specifically designed to both protect surfaces while allowing light to shine through. Because of this feature, ALLPROTECT White is ideal for vertical applications on windows and other transparent materials. ALLPROTECT White is thinner and more flexible than other ALLPROTECT products, but it shares the best protective features of its counterparts.





Simple, Reliable, Versatile Adhesive Surface Protection

ALLPROTECT surface protection products are perfect for use in residential repairs and renovations. Walls, millwork, cabinets, solid floors, and carpets are ideal candidates for adhesive surface protection. But ALLPROTECT isn’t just for common household surfaces. It can also be used in demanding Construction environments on glass, polished concrete, exposed concrete, marble, granite, safes, and elevators. No matter what you need to protect, ALLPROTECT products can be custom-cut and shaped to your requirements.

Alpha Protects is proud to be the Canadian Distributor of Landolt’s ALLPROTECT Series: a four-piece collection of the very best self-adhesive surface protection products available.

Alpha Protects is a proud distributor of the ALLPROTECT series in Canada. If you would like to request samples or learn more about this fabulous product, please reach out today.