Introducing FLOORLINER: Multifunctional surface protection for every application


Floorliner multifunctional surface protection is built tough for reliable surface protection on every job site imaginable. Whether breathable, absorbent, extra robust, impermeable, flame retardant or especially for newly laid floors – there’s a Floorliner available for any application.

This non-woven, non-slip matting makes your job site safe, clean, and secure. All products in this range can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, helping you protect your carpets, tiles, laminate, and hardwood on floors, stairs, and furniture. Floorliner is even approved for use in typically spill-prone areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

All Floorliner products are Impermeable to liquids, making them perfect for even the toughest of jobs. Not only does it guard against water leaks and splashes, but it also protects against more tenacious substances like paint and solvent. If you do have a spill, Floorliner can be mopped or vacuumed – and it’s resistant to pilling or fluffing.

Floorliner’s exclusive Opticoat adhesive makes it simple to stick to floors and staircases, even in unfavourable conditions. Once you’re finished the job, Floorliner removes easily without leaving a sticky residue and can even be reapplied in a different spot.

Floorliner is lightweight and easy to transport, and installation is a breeze: simply lay, press, and stick the material to the surface. And thanks to its Opticoat adhesive and environmentally-friendly composition, removal and disposal are a snap.

Floorliner Original

Hard Wood Floor Prortection


This extremely dense, non-woven roll out surface protection fleece is the answer to all your job site protection needs. 2MM thick, flexible, lightweight, and extremely durable, Floorliner Original offers unbeatable protection from hard wear and tear. It’s protective non-slip fleece prevents scratches, scuffs, stains, gouges, leaks, and discoloration. Also, it holds up against heavy impacts, making it a must-have for construction job sites.

Floorliner Basic

Water Resistant Floor Protection


1.3MM thick Floorliner Basic may be the lighter version of the original but what it lacks in impact resistance, it makes up for with its outstanding price-quality ratio and unmatched surface protection against slips, scratches and spills. Like the Original, Floorliner Basic is non-woven, non-slip, waterproof, reusable, and easy to apply and remove. For low-impact job sites, Basic offers excellent protection for the best value.


Floorliner Absorb

Floorliner Absorb



Explicitly designed to prevent leaks from reaching your floor, Floorliner Absorb pairs an extra-dense fleece lining with a built-in impermeable layer to absorb dirt and moisture before it ever touches the surface underneath. Floorliner Absorb is 1.8MM thick and has all the strength, durability, and ease of use as Original, with the added powers of absorption.



Floorliner Vapor

Floorline Vapor


Floorliner Vapor was created specifically to cover freshly-laid floors. Its vapour-transmitting polyethylene sheet acts as a liquid barrier, allowing rising moisture and solvents to escape while also protecting the surface. Like the Original, this product is sturdy, durable, and impervious to liquids while also releasing the vapours of newly-laid flooring.



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