ALPHA PROTECTS Brings you: SWIFTWALL Temporary Hoarding System


The price of Canadian lumber is booming—so much so that the cost of plywood has almost tripled over the last year. And while this is excellent news for the forestry industry, it may spell trouble for contractors and job site operators.

Hoarding walls, temporary walls put up around job sites, are intended to shield the construction work from the public’s eyes. Not only do they disguise the dusty, disorganized, and somewhat chaotic job site within, hoarding walls help to maintain the element of surprise for when the beautifully finished product is finally revealed.

Unfortunately, plywood is the primary material for temporary hoarding walls, and as their name would imply, these structures are only, well, temporary. General Contractors and Sub-Contractors usually have great intentions of saving and reusing the hoarding wall materials but with end-of-project deadlines and inspections and all the other urgent tasks required to finish a project with a successful turnover to the customer, the hoarding walls usually get broken down and tossed away, which is not particularly environmentally friendly or cost-effective, considering the hefty price of lumber these days.


Fortunately, SwiftWall has a better solution. SwiftWall is a proud manufacture of cost-efficient, eco-friendly alternatives to traditional hoarding wall designs. Simple, speedy, lightweight, mess-free, and best of all, SwiftWall products are easy to reuse and reconfigure for your next project.

Easy, Rapid Deployment

School Lunchroom

SwiftWall’s hoarding walls are designed for fast assembly and breakdown. There’s no mess, no waste, and they’re a breeze to put together. You can assemble a SwiftWall barrier in a fraction of the time of a plywood hoarding wall incurring a fraction of the labour cost.

SwiftWall’s product packages come with several differently-sized panels, each fitted with the company’s patent-pending male and female joiners. These joiners ensure a smooth, secure, and virtually seamless fit.


Strong, Light, and Noise-Reducing



Made from ABS, SwiftWall products are both exceptionally strong and remarkably light – and have additional noise-blocking properties thanks to their STC21 sound rating. The panels range in size from four feet to 16 feet tall but can be stacked higher with the aid of SwiftWall’s aluminum c-channels and support skeletons.


Versatile Design Features and Kits



SwiftWall offers a wide variety of joiners, tracks, c-channels, corner channels, and adjustable corner channels along with the panels. Door and window options are also available for your convenience: choose from single or double doors and two different sizes of windows.

No time to pick and choose the pieces you’ll need? Not a problem. SwiftWall is pleased to offer SwiftKits, a special conference room package that includes all the parts you’ll need to assemble your own office on the go.


Who Is SwiftWall For?



SwiftWall products are perfect for malls, convention spaces, casinos, transportation businesses, educational facilities, and much more. In the current climate, SwiftWall products can also help turn any open space into a secure and compartmentalized facility for medical use.

SwiftWall’s goal is to make your job site safer, more productive, more efficient, and more eco-friendly. And of course, all of SwiftWall’s products can be stamped with company logos to increase brand awareness.


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