Surface Protection Options for Home Renovations and Light Construction Projects

Protecting the surfaces on your Jobsite is an essential part of a job well done. Here are some of Alpha Protects’ best protective surface products. These are the light versions of some of our most popular products: they’re ideal for most job sites and offer protection against light to medium wear and tear.


FloorShell by Trimaco is one of our top picks for ultra-heavy-duty protection on job sites. This product is perfect for any surface type and is made from sturdy yet lightweight boards. But, of course, not all projects require the level of intensive protection that FloorShell can afford, which is why similar Trimaco options like XBoard and XPaper are available.

Fantastic Films

Hard Surface/Counter Top Film ($)
With their super-easy application and low-level adhesion, these blue 3 MIL roll products provide the perfect light protection for all kinds of hard surfaces. They resist tears, abrasions, and slips, keeping your surfaces safe for up to 30 days. And once you’re finished with it, just peel and toss—no sticky residue left behind!
Carpet Protection Film ($)
The 2 MIL Carpet Film is a light protective product that is both highly adhesive and residue-free. Durable, lightweight, waterproof, and simple to apply and remove, this clear self-adhesive film roll protects carpets from all manner of dirt and debris. It also can be applied using the Applicator Pro. This adjustable film applicator works with all reverse wound rolls making the application of protective films a breeze. 
Alpha Site Tape ($$)
This 6 MIL Poly protection tape is thicker than regular protection films, giving your surfaces better coverage and protection from scratches, nicks, and dings. It works on a variety of surfaces, including door frames, ceramic tiles, bathtubs, showers, and sinks. This product is excellent for general purpose protection, and its low-level adhesion means that there’s no residue left behind upon removal.

High Cost, Higher Quality

Allprotect Flex ($$$)
Allprotect Flex is the sister product to the hard-wearing and non-woven Allprotect Original protective fabric. It’s lighter and, of course, more flexible but can still be used to protect floors, countertops, cabinets and millwork, stairs, tubs and tiles, and walls. Basically, this is your job site jack-of-all-trades: it’s a product that can protect everything. Allprotect Flex is w
waterproof, self-adhering, and leaves no residue upon removal.
Floorliner Basic ($$$)
Reusable, easy to apply, and ultra-economical, Floorliner Basic is excellent surface protection for hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, countertops, stairs, and even walls! It guards surfaces against everything from light mechanical damage to liquid spills. In addition, this product is waterproof, has an anti-slip backing, and is environmentally friendly.

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