6 Essential Reasons to Invest in Heavy-Duty Temporary Surface Protection Products

Get the Most Out of Your Investment in Temporary Surface Protection Products

The right investment in temporary surface protection products for construction sites can make the difference between a job well done and a costly mess. There are dozens of reasons to choose top-quality products from a company specializing in temporary surface protection products, but let’s look at the top six reasons Alpha Protects customers choose to work with our heavy-duty products.

1. Prevent Costly Fixes Later On

As any experienced contractor knows, the reduced risk of damaging new or existing surfaces is the top reason to invest in surface protection products that have been tried and tested. Even the smallest issue can become a costly fix, but with complete protection, you can end up with a no mess, no stress outcome in any project.

2. Keep Customers Happy

At the end of the day, damage to a surface can usually be repaired, even if it’s not ideal. But what is harder to repair are professional relationships that are damaged by unintended worksite issues. Alpha Protects customers want to protect the surfaces on their worksites, but they are equally concerned with protecting their reputation so their customers keep coming back and continue to refer their friends and family.

3. Ensure Your Temporary Surface Protection Products Don’t Cause More Harm than Good

Some temporary surface protection products are… less than temporary. Any material that is truly temporary shouldn’t leave a mark or any sign that it was there. But if you’ve ever peeled off a site protection product such as a surface protection film and found adhesive sticking to the floors or surfacesbelow, you already know that not all products are made to the same exacting standards.

The heavy-duty products that you choose to work with should be vetted. Alpha Protects works with only the top brands, and in addition to great products, we are invested in making sure you know which products are ideal in specific situations. We’ll also provide you with everything you need to apply and remove them for the best possible results.

4. Allow People & Equipment to Come and Go on Large, Long-Term Projects

Almost any construction project will have a variety of people coming and going, whether tradespeople, project managers, clients, or even the public. Even more challenging is the coming and going of equipment. Choosing the right product depends on just how tough you need to be on floors and other surfaces throughout the project.

Hard surface protection products are available for virtually every situation, including:

  • Heavy-duty temporary floor protection products
  • Counter protection film 
  • Stair protection
  • Temporary window protection
  • Doorframe protection
  • Millwork protection
  • Elevator Protection

5. Create a Safer Working Environment

Many surface protection products are doubly designed for slip and trip prevention. The top surfaces are slip-resistant for safer working zones and construction sites. Most products have also been designed with fire safety in mind, including fire retardant or fire-resistant materials.

6. Increase Efficiency for Your Employees

Constantly keeping a workspace clean and protected can be time-consuming for employees and push back construction schedules. If workers need to move items around or clean up between every step in their workday, a lot of time is wasted. Worse, if they don’t have the right products, they may need to get creative with less effective ways to protect surfaces or might even skip it altogether and risk damaging existing components.

The best heavy-duty temporary surface protection products are easy to use, with self-adhesive surfaces that don’t require much in the way of tools or time. Dust-free containment materials can also significantly cut back on clean-up time. In addition to great protection, you’ll be able to complete the job quickly, stay on schedule, and keep your employees feeling confident and happy.

Invest in Construction Site Protection Products with Alpha Protects

The right protection products for your site can reduce the risk of costly potential repairs, keep people moving in and out safely, and result in significant cost savings on labour and materials. Depending on your goals and the type of projects you work on, there are numerous options available to resolve different challenges. Our experts in surface protection at Alpha Protects can help you navigate the products, even helping you make strategic long-term decisions to ensure that you get the most mileage out of your site and surface protection. Call us today for a customized consultation.