7 Reasons You Need a SWIFTWALL Hoarding System on Your Jobsite

Have you ever passed a construction site and admired the solid partition wall that cleanly separates the passing public from the hard work happening on the other side? You probably did not admire the wall if you’re not in construction. Instead, you attempted to peek beyond it to glimpse what exciting thing might be happening out of sight. However, if you are in the trades and were admiring the temporary hoarding walls, chances are it was a SwiftWall hoarding system

These temporary partition walls often appear in shopping centres, airports, schools, and office buildings. They can be used almost anywhere that temporary walls are needed to block off construction work indoors to keep people safe and contain disruption and noise. Here are seven reasons why your project needs a SwiftWall hoarding system. 


Rapid Deployment

The SwiftWall temporary hoarding system is a lightweight modular wall system that is easy to transport, deliver, and set up. If you’re working at multiple construction project job sites across the city, these movable walls are ideal because they are lightweight and easy to move. It’s also a great choice for keeping new development under wraps until the official reveal or launch date. 

Easy to Install

The modular SwiftWall system is ideal for indoor construction and renovation projects because they are quick and easy to install. All you need to do is map out the area you need to enclose and select the number of panels you require. You can fit them into various configurations to suit any worksite, including shopping centres, college campuses, schools, event centers, corporate headquarters, airports, and other commercial or residential spaces. The SwiftWall hoarding system can be installed in minutes without drilling any holes or using any tools. The only thing needed is a power drill to attach the hoarding to the wall or other surface.

Sound Dampening

The SwiftWall hoarding system has Thermax at the core, a sound dampening material. This means that construction noise is absorbed by the material, preventing it from echoing and disturbing people living in nearby apartments or working in adjacent offices. The clean outer finish makes it a quiet choice and a clean, attractive option for many settings. 

Temporary to Long-Term

You can use SwiftWall’s hoarding system for both temporary and long-term use. Temporary hoarding systems are typically erected to shield construction sites from public view when a project has started. Long-term hoarding systems are more often seen on industrial sites with continuous construction, like warehouses or factories or public buildings such as airports. 


SwiftWalls are incredibly versatile. They’re designed to give you the freedom to use them to suit your needs. You can attach your Swiftwall to a scaffold, a wall, or even just the ground. You can use them for storage by installing shelving and doors or temporary rooms or staging areas. They also work well as walls, paritions, and barriers, and as well as portable room dividers. If you don’t have enough space for your equipment or materials, you can keep them on your Swiftwall until you need them again – even months later!


SwiftWalls are built of sturdy steel with no gaps, making it impossible for outsiders to look inside. An optional roof panel is also available and protects against rain, snow, and bird droppings. The door panel can easily be fitted with a secure lock to keep unauthorized personnel out overnight. 

Curb Appeal

The SwiftWall system has a clean front that makes them aesthetically fit into any setting. Leave them blank, and the public will pass by without paying attention to what is happening behind the wall. You can also utilize the white space by putting up advertising or previewing what is in development inside the walls. 


Providing Temporary Walls in Alberta

Alpha Protects carries the SwiftWall system and makes them available to construction sites in the Edmonton area. Contact us to learn more about how SwiftWalls can work for your next project.