5 Essential Construction Site Protection Products for Bathroom Renovations


When it comes to bathroom renovations, trying to keep delicate surfaces looking pristine as you’re working in a very small space can be tough. Fully protecting existing or recently installed components such as counter tops, tubs, and mirrors is essential as you work on finishing up a renovation or remodelling project. To achieve this with minimal effort, you’ll want to look into hard surface protection products that are easy to install and remove.

For professional-level renovations, protective materials from your local store are typically not enough to absorb shock and prevent scratches, nicks, and other types of damage. Instead, you’ll want to look at heavy-duty protection options. Many of these protectors can be used from transport to installation and during the final stages of the renovation.


Five Types of Surface Protection to Make Your Bathroom Reno a Success

Every bathroom renovation looks different, but in many cases, you’ll be working in a tight space with little ventilation and a lot of easy-to-damage surfaces. The process can be even more complicated when you aren’t completely gutting the bathroom because you’ll need to protect surfaces of remaining fixtures during the demolition and removal process. Commercial and residential bathroom remodelling might also make your setup distinct. Regardless of what the renovation plan looks like, we recommend investing in five essential surface protectors to help you through the process.


Tub Protection

At Alpha Protects, we carry only the top protection products selected from many options available on the market. Oatey bath tub protectors are made from high-impact plastic. The semi-flexible material makes it extremely easy to install for 14” to 16” height tubs, as well as options for distinct sizes. Each protector is padded along the bottom to absorb shock and for a high level of protection against scratches and dents.

Door Frame Protection

Bringing tubs, vanities, counter tops, toilets, and other fixtures in and out of a bathroom can lead to a lot of maneuvering around door frames. To make this job easier and protect the door frame from any damage that will need to be repaired later, you can easily install door frame protection. You may also choose to protect the floors and walls directly outside the bathroom, especially if it’s located at the end of a hallway or along a tight corridor.


Counter Protection Film

Even the most durable countertop material can be damaged when there are heavy fixtures going in around it. Counter protection film goes a long way toward making sure counter tops shine when a client walks into their newly renovated bathroom. The plastic sheeting material is extremely easy to apply and stays put until removed. Once you peel it off, it won’t leave any messy marks or adhesives. It can be used on virtually any type of counter, from quartz to wood.


Floor Protection Products

Floors undergo a great deal of wear and tear under regular circumstances, but when renovations are involved, they can easily become even more prone to damage. Our range of floor protection products are designed to be slip-resistant, extremely durable, and, in some cases, even reusable.


Window Protection

Window protection can be used during bathroom renovations to protect both windows and mirrors. Not only will this ensure a scratch-free surface, but it will eliminate the need for any cleaning once the job is complete—just peel off the material, and you’re ready to showcase a brand-new bathroom.


Heavy Duty Protection Products for Renovators

Whether you need to protect floors, doors, counters, mirrors, or windows, Alpha Protects has you covered! Our surface protection products are manufactured to the highest standards and designed to make your work easier and your outcomes better. We help our clients in the construction industry with jobs of all shapes and sizes, from single bathroom renovations to major commercial remodelling projects. Ask our industry professionals about the products that can make your next job a success.