Dust Containment Solutions for Commercial Job Sites

A lot of activity happens on a commercial job site. On top of the daily progress and the promise of exciting new facilities being built, there is a lot of foot traffic to manage. The ongoing in and out of a work site can be of special concern to the surrounding tenants, especially if they share a building, such as an office complex or commercial retail centre. Noise is often a primary concern, but in addition to the sound carrying over, there is another culprit: dust. 

Construction dust and debris will fly everywhere if containment measures are not implemented. There are various dust containment solutions designed for commercial job sites, whether you’re working indoors amongst other active commercial locations or in a stand-alone site. The following dust-management strategies are easy to use and make your job site cleaner all around. 

Dust Containment Door

A dust containment door is just how it sounds. It’s a pre-made door that uses a piece of heavy sheeting that keeps dust trapped inside the work zone. This simple solution is suitable for doorframes, can be installed in minutes, and can attach to wood, glass, aluminum, plastic, or vinyl. Each door kit comes with a zipper door and surrounding plastic sheeting that can be trimmed to size. The heavy-duty zipper makes it easy to enter and seal off the area, whether it’s people entering and exiting or a cart. 

Zip Door Kit

A zip door kit works with tarps or poly sheeting to create an instant door for easy access to your work site. Simply peel and stick the zippers along the seams of the tarp or plastic sheeting until secure. Or, carefully slice an opening where the zipper is attached to allow workers to pass between. The benefits of a zip door kit are that you can create a zipper door for dust containment almost anywhere you can hang or set up plastic sheeting. 

The zip door kit enables you to create a doorway of any width to a maximum height of 2.2metres. The kit works with existing screening material, simply cut two vertical lines to the desired width apart, then peel back the self-adhesive coverings to secure the zippers to each slit. For easy access, zip doors are double-sided, allowing you to open and close from either side of the construction zone while trapping dirt, dust, and debris inside. You can also secure the door in the open position to allow equipment to pass through unobstructed. 

Dust Containment Pole

A dust barrier can be erected using dust containment poles in large spaces where a door frame is unavailable. The E-Z UP dust containment pole system holds plastic sheeting securely into place using secure clips to create a dust barrier on commercial job sites. Each end features a unique foot pedal to create a snug fit in any setting. Poles can be adjusted to different heights to a maximum of three sizes, 12ft, 16ft, and 20ft. Dust containment poles help create barriers across a large opening and work well with zip door kits to create temporary dividers. 

Sticky Mats

Containing dust is the best strategy, and trapping dust before leaving the site is complementary. Sticky mats are designed to minimize tracking dust, dirt, and other materials outside the work site. The sticky surface traps dirt, dust, and contaminants from your shoes and boots, as well as the wheels of hand trucks and carts. These mats come with several layers so that when one layer fills up, you tear it off to reveal a fresh, sticky surface. Place them at every exit to keep your worksite contained. 

Long-Term Dust Containment 

These dust containment solutions work well on commercial sites to trap dust and debris. However, if your project is scheduled over several months, you might want a sturdier option than unzipping a temporary door. SWIFTWALL hoarding systems create sturdy, temporary barriers between your Jobsite and other commercial spaces and are better suited to longer-term job sites.  

Dust Containment Doors, Poles, and Zip Door Kits in Edmonton

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