Top Floor Protection Products for Your Next Construction Project

Calling all construction buffs and home renovation heroes! Every construction project may be unique, but one thing every job site has in common is the inevitable mess caused by tools, paint, and materials along the way.

At Alpha Protects, our floor protection products are designed with durability in mind, offering an efficient solution that will keep your construction site protected from harm while the job gets done.

Here are our top floor protection products to consider for your next construction project:

Carpet Protection

Construction projects can wreak havoc on carpet, particularly when you are working with easily spillable products, which is why our Carpet Protect clear film is one of our most popular carpet protection films.

Why we love Carpet Protect:

  • It’s made with industrial-strength material that is waterproof and flame retardant.
  • It can be used in strips as a runner for foot traffic or installed across the whole carpet to protect against spills.
  • Its lightweight design allows for easy application, which can be done freehand or with our carpet film applicator.

Use Carpet Protect on your next job site to protect carpeted surfaces from dirt, spills, and other construction messes.

Flooring Protection

For simple yet effective flooring protection on hard surfaces, our Floorliner self-adhesive rolls are great for large areas. Easy to transport and maneuver around construction sites of all sizes, our Floorliner products offer seamless floor protection from start to finish of every project.

This product line includes:

All three of our Floorline products are designed to include a light tack temporary adhesion on the underside material to keep the floor of your construction site clean and protected while still being easily removable once the job is complete.

Our Floorliner plastic sheeting products work well on all kinds of hard surfaces, but for newly laid floors that are still curing, we offer a specific product called Alpha Breathable Fleece, which is a self-adhesive and residue-free solution that protects new floors while still allowing them to breathe through the curing process.

Waterproof Protection

Many messes that happen on a job site are caused by various types of liquid spills. In order to keep your job site clean and professional, you need a reliable flooring product that protects against liquid spills such as paint, mechanical fluid, or other construction-related liquids.

At Alpha Protects, our durable floor protection products are made out of waterproof materials that aid in the elimination of residual moisture in the event of a liquid spill. Our mats and rolls are composed of non-woven synthetic fibres that include a residue-free, adhesive PE film to create a tried-and-trusted liquid barrier.

All of our Floorliner and Allprotect products offer waterproof, non-permeable solutions, but we also offer Aqua Shield, a popular and leak-proof Masonite alternative. This is great for construction projects in larger areas, like healthcare facilities, that require heavy-duty protection from dust, liquid spills, and contamination.

Impact Protection

For tear-proof and durable surface protection on solid flooring like vinyl plank, hardwood, tile, and other hard surfaces, we recommend our highly versatile, anti-skid Allprotect mats that include adhesive to the flooring.

All of our Allprotect flooring protectors are thoughtfully designed to minimize messes while protecting the floor against impact damage. The underside material offers a strong yet flexible base made out of synthetic fibres that adheres to the floor, preventing the mat from slipping while protecting the finished surface from damage and spills.

This product line includes:

  • Allprotect Flex for fast, crease-free applications over tricky corners and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Allprotect FR+ for waterproof and flame retardant protection against mechanical damage, stains, and heavy stress.
  • Allprotect Original for environmentally conscious, heavy-duty flooring protection.

Temporary Floor Protection Products for Your Next Jobsite

At Alpha Protects, we offer a full suite of temporary floor protection products you can trust to keep your next job site clean and safe from harm that would otherwise be caused by heavy mechanical stress, liquid spills, dirt, and construction debris.

If you are tired of going above and beyond to clean your construction sites after the project is complete, browse our catalogue at Alpha Protects. You can also call us at 780-298-0165 to find out which trusted and proven floor protection product is right for your job site!