When and Where to Use Hoarding Walls to Protect Construction Projects

A temporary hoarding wall system is a lightweight, portable wall system that sets up easily and surrounds your job site with security. These temporary protective barriers are constructed in minutes and provide numerous benefits. Not only do hoarding walls keep job site noise and dust to a minimum, but they also keep unavoidable construction debris contained.

Whether to separate joint spaces inside or to contain entire buildings outside, Swiftwall Temporary Hoarding Walls, delivered to you by Alpha Protects, go up fast so you can get the real work done.


Where Can You Use Hoarding Walls

Temporary hoarding walls are versatile and are a smart way to protect your job site indoors or out. 


Indoor Protection

In a plaza or mall, they are used to create division between the job sites and their adjoining businesses. The walls provide insulation from construction noise so the neighbouring businesses can still function with ample access and ability. Temporary hoarding walls also keep the aesthetic secrets of a company in renovation or the start of a new business hidden until the day of its launch or big reveal. 

You can see the clean, finished look of these walls in a variety of places. You may not even realize the walls are temporary. 

Free-standing temporary hoarding walls are perfect for event centers, high schools, art galleries, airports, and anywhere space needs to be shared or protected.


Outdoor Protection

When temporary hoarding walls are required outdoors, they provide security in numerous ways. The walls are built quickly to keep the public at a distance from construction. They contribute to a safely contained workspace for employees and contractors. The walls protect the materials and tools from the elements and enhance security protection from theft or vandalism.

Whether indoors or outdoors, hoarding systems keep dust, waste, and debris contained within the job site. This is imperative for safety and environmental reasons. 


Renovation Protection

Renovation and construction sites that are left unprotected and exposed are unsafe and unsightly. Other businesses in the vicinity of those construction sites can suffer when noise, debris, and possible danger face their customers.

Temporary hoarding walls are used for large projects or small reno plans. Something as simple as a home kitchen reno can mess up your whole house if you don’t have the right protection in place. 

If you want the rest of your space to remain untouched and presentable, simply measure the area and order the number of panels needed. In minutes, you will have the workspace required, and all with a higher level of organization and cleanliness. Use hoarding walls along with EZ Up Dust Containment Doorways for even better containment and protection for the rest of your home.


How Do Hoarding Walls Work?

Hoarding walls consist of panels that effortlessly attach to the framing that is included in your system. Depending on what you need, the entire Swiftwall system can be put together without the use of tools. You’ll only need a few basic tools for higher walls that need to be secured or walls that require additional bracing (such as freestanding walls). You then connect the completed setup to your site. That’s all you need to do! You will have a clean, safe space for everyone involved.

Temporary hoarding wall systems are set up far faster than plywood barriers. Considering today’s cost of lumber, Swiftwalls are also more economical and eco-friendly as you can deconstruct them and transport them to your next job site.


How Long Does It Take to Install Construction Hoarding Walls?

Do you know how long it takes to benefit from Alpha Protects’ Swiftwall systems? You may be surprised. It only takes minutes to set up, and you benefit right away. You can watch this demonstration video on our YouTube channel to see for yourself.  

Hoarding Wall and Construction Site Protective Material in Edmonton

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