3 Distinct Types of Floor Protection for Your Next Construction Job

The workboots of construction workers carry all types of debris from one job site to another. Whether it is sand, cement, mud, or ground-in grit, it stays on the bottom of your boots until you walk on other surfaces. That grit will then release as you tread upon other surfaces, scraping and grinding as you go about your day. This is why floor protection is essential when on the job site.

Having your workers wear protective fabric shoe covers is one way to protect your floors and construction crews. But what about protection from spills? Dropped tools? Machinery drag marks and leaks? Anything can hit the floor at any time, especially on a job site, so it’s best to have protection firmly in place across an entire floor. What kind of protection you need depends on what type of work you’re performing, what type of flooring you’re protecting, and a few other essential elements.

Floorliner Vapor Slip Resistant Fleece

Breathable Fleece is floor protection that has been designed for moving, renovations, and maintenance. It’s easily one of the best solutions for newly installed flooring. This type of floor covering is highly durable and provides excellent impact protection.

Breathable Fleece applies easily and is self-adhesive. It holds well in place and leaves no residue behind once removed. The breathable fleece can be cut and shaped to fit any area making it versatile for various required spaces and placement.

Breathable fleece is superior in protecting against dust, debris, and heavy foot traffic and is 100% waterproof. This is an excellent option if you want to be sure you are protecting an expensive or new floor against unwanted and costly damage.

 All-Protect Self-Adhesive Surface Protection

When you’re looking for something versatile that will give you the ability to cover floors, stairs, and furniture in minutes, All-Protect Self-Adhesive Surface Protection is your best bet. It nicely wraps around objects, so you won’t find yourself cutting and measuring over and over. This liner protects from your typical spills and wear, but can also be a great barrier against mechanical damage from tools and machinery.

Aqua Shield Floor Protection: “No More Bulky Masonite”

Aqua Shield is the best and most durable alternative to those heavy, hardboard sheets. Aqua Shield is also leakproof and slip-resistant. It provides the same excellent fire retardant surface protection as the old way of using Masonite. The heavy-duty covering protects all types of surfaces during all stages of residential or commercial building and repair processes.

The dust-free surface protector is ideal for large construction jobs. The cleanliness and safety of these coverings means it also performs well in the renovation or rebuilding of sensitive locations, such as healthcare facilities.

Quick and easy installation always allows more time for your projects, so by choosing this protection option, you are saving time and money. Aqua Shield comes in a variety of thicknesses right up to 40 mils for maximum strength. Aqua Shield can even protect floors against forklifts and scissor lifts on your job site.

Protective Floor Coverings for Any Surface

Every job site needs floor protection at some point. Floor coverings save your team from human or mechanical spills, stains, and damage.

Alpha Protects is the leading supplier of protective floor coverings as well as many more protective products that you need during the construction process. All the products that we stand behind include only the best protective floor covering products from brands we know and trust.

Alpha Protects supplies our products to countless residential and commercial projects across Canada. Our leading products not only protect floors, stairs, and furniture, but most importantly, they protect your investment. Check out how to best protect your entire job site by selecting what you need from our catalog.