9 Uses for 30 Day Tape

When purchasing protective materials for your job site, there are few materials as versatile as 30 Day Tape. You can use this adhesive on various job sites as a general protective, repair, and identification tape. The following are ten convenient ways you can use 30 Day Tape around your workspace.


1. Masking Door and Window Frames for Stucco Application

Protective 30 Day Tape is moisture and UV-resistant, making it an optimum choice for exterior uses such as window and door frame masking during stucco application. It conforms well to most surfaces with a strong adhesive that continues to stick when surfaces become wet. You can cleanly remove the tape even after 30 days—hence the name.


2. Masking Window and Door Frames for Paint Jobs

When painting indoors, whether it’s in a commercial location or a residential building, one of the trickier places to paint is around window frames and doors. For an expert finish that does not feature drips or smudges, it’s always best to apply a masking layer on the frames. For door and window frames, 30 Day Tape can be used to mask the frame. With its red polyethylene film combined with a natural rubber adhesive, it also acts as a mild protector against scratches and scuffing. 


3. Protect Non-Painted Surfaces 

During any paint or stucco project, the risk of overspray exists. This is why it’s a good idea to cover your surrounding surfaces with protective materials, such as (fill in here). You can hold these materials in place with 30 Day Tape to protect those non-painted surfaces, such as glass, steel, vinyl, and wood. The tape also removes quickly and cleanly up to 30 days after initial application. The UV-resistance treatment makes it useful for both maskings and holding protecting coverings in place in all projects.


4. Seaming for Protective Floor Coverings

Depending on the type of floor covering you’re using on your job site, you may need an adhesive to splice sheets together or secure the corners down to prevent tripping or snags. While many floor protectors are self-adhering, 30 Day Tape is a useful backup to have to secure panels together or for products that don’t have self-adhesive backings, such as highly durable X-Paper


5. Splicing for Vertical Room Dividers

Another use for 30 Day Tape is to securely hold polyethylene sheeting together and to seal spliced edging. Many job sites require polyethylene sheeting to protect objects or close off certain areas to prevent dust, debris, or paint from entering. Protective sheets and 30 Day Tape can keep your work area separate from the rest of the space.


6. Seaming for Wall Protective Coverings

You can also use 30 Day Tape as a secure seam on protective wall coverings. The secure hold, liquid-resistant material of 30 Day Tape makes it ideal for keeping your walls covered and protected for the duration of your project. 


7. Patching and Repairing Various Surfaces

Accidents happen, so having 30 Day Tape on your job site is an excellent solution for many problems. The easy tear-off tape conforms well to a wide range of surfaces and adheres to various textures. This adhesive can be used to patch or repair various protective surface materials as a temporary measure. 


8. Identification Tape

Labelling is an essential task on any job site, and 30 Day Tape can help. You can also refer to 30 Day Tape as an identification tape because you can easily write on its surface. This makes it easy to record details of the job site on material that is resistant to weather and dust. Keep a roll on hand for those miscellaneous notes you need to make. 


9. Moisture Resistant Seaming

Because 30 Day Tape is moisture-resistant, it not only keeps out dust and debris but protects the surface underneath from leaks, spills, and high moisture. If you need to use protective sheeting high-moisture areas inside or outside, 30 Day Tape will hold strong in those elements. Whether you’re covering building materials or laying them out on the floor, this tape will resist the weather, the sun, and the boots of work crews. 


Order 30 Day Tape for Your Next Project in Edmonton

There are so many ways to use 30 Day Tape around your job site. You’ll be thankful you ordered your supply in advance. We recommend stocking this versatile tape for all the important and unexpected needs that occur on any given project. Order your supply of 30 Day Tape and all your other job site protective coverings from Alpha Protects.