How to Protect Doorways with Simple, Affordable Construction Site Protection Products

Your doorways are exceptionally high-traffic zones. They are prone to damage, such as scratching and denting, since they are constantly being used as entrance and exit points for multiple reasons. Construction sites, home renovations, and other job sites require some surface protection if you want to keep the existing finishes of your space, especially doorways. There are products that allow you to avoid damages while saving you money in the future. Below are a few ways you can protect your space from avoidable damage during construction, renovations, or other projects.

Why Use Door Frame Protectors?

Door frame protectors can help save the pre-existing door frame you have in your business or home. It can save you money and maintenance in the future by protecting the space against bashes, scratches, and other avoidable damages that might occur during construction or renovation. On top of this, door frame protectors are cost-efficient options for protecting your space.  

Door Jamb Protector 

An alternative to a traditional door frame protector is Trimaco’s SuperTuff Jamb Protector. The jamb protector can protect the trim of your doorways in building, construction, renovation and moving cases. The door jamb protector prevents denting, scuffing, gouges, nicks, and other damages. Its easy installation process and reusable properties make the jamb protector appealing for jobs that might incur damages to expensive trim. It is economical and durable in protection and fits all standard door jambs. We offer Trimaco’s SuperTuff Jamb Protector on our website, so you can easily purchase it and have it delivered. 

ALLPROTECT for Doors and Doorframes

INTERNAL WINDOW PROTECTIONAnother durable product that can be used to protect doors and doorframes is ALLPROTECT. This nonwoven material is highly adhesive, has a clean removal, and will protect your doors and doorframes from bumps, scrapes, and gouges for the full duration of your project. One thing that customers love about ALLPROTECT is that it can be used on multiple surfaces for various protective functions. Customers have applied ALLPROTECT to floors, stairs, fragile surfaces, doors and doorframes. In addition to protecting the surfaces inside your work area, this product also has a non-slip surface, is highly absorbent, and acts as a temporary dirt-trap. It’s always a great idea to have ALLPROTECT on hand at any job site.

Protective Floor Coverings 

Floorliner Original

There is a wide range of protective floor coverings available, and sometimes it is hard to know which one best suits the needs of your job. During a construction or renovation project, protecting the floors around doorways can serve as a useful tactic until after the project finishes. Some floor protectors that we offer include floor liners, floor shells, X-Boards, X-Papers, and much more. Each floor protector offers different levels of protection for different projects depending on what your job requires. If you are still determining what floor covering best suits your needs, we can assist you in choosing the best product for your job. 

30 Day Tape

You can also protect your doorways with polyethylene sheeting and 30 day tape. 30 day tape is incredibly moisture resistant, adheres to many surfaces, and has multiple uses. The tape is made with a red polyethylene film, coated with a natural rubber adhesive, and designed to last the duration of your project with clean, easy removal. 30 day tape can also be used as an identification or labelling tape or for more specific projects such as trim protection for stucco application. The tape also works well as a seaming tape with temporary flooring products. You can find 30 Day tape on our website under the category of Tapes, Adhesives, and Footwear. 

EZ Up Dust Containment Door Kit

In addition to protecting your door jam and surfaces, you might also want to trap dust inside your work zone and prevent it from coating your doorways. The EZ Up Dust Containment Door Kit is easy to install and fits standard doorways with a C-shape zipper for easy entrances and exits. This product is great for residential renovations and construction projects where dust is a concern.

Protective Gear for Construction Sites

At Alpha Protects, we offer temporary surface protection products for all your surface needs with quality products to protect every inch of your job site. Protecting the existing features of your building, home, office, or any other space is a more economical option than having to replace or repair finishes after construction ends. 

On our website, you can find a wide selection of protective products and can easily order online. We can also provide you with expert advice on which products best suit the job. Contact us at Alpha Protects for all your surface protection needs!