What Is a Hoarding Wall and Where Are They Used?

You’ve likely encountered a hoarding wall system without realizing it. If you’ve ever walked through a mall and seen a walled-up section squeezed between two stores advertising a new shop coming soon, then you’ve seen one example of a hoarding wall system. Those temporary walls are actually hiding and containing construction sites. They prevent the general public from interfering with construction zones and prevent jobsites from interfering with the public by containing debris and minimizing noise. Hoarding walls are highly versatile products and protect work locations ranging from routine building maintenance to large-scale renovations.

How Do Hoarding Wall Systems Work?

Hoarding walls—specifically Alpha Protects’ SwiftWall Solutions—are temporary, reusable jobsite protections. They are lightweight to provide easy installation and removal and are insulative, fire-resistant, water-resistant, and noise-reducing. These functions help keep jobsites safe by removing hazards associated with the public, such as debris, distractions, and dust. When used with a secure entrance, hoarding walls also help keep construction works safe by preventing unauthorized visitors from entering. Hoarding walls also add to the surrounding aesthetics by hiding the messiness of construction in progress. 

Where Can Hoarding Walls Be Used?

Hoarding walls, such as the SwiftWall system, are very versatile and are excellent for use indoors, outdoors, and in commercial and residential settings. 

Interior Construction Projects

Indoors, the walls protect all sorts of job sites, such as the renovation of retail spaces, offices, schools, and more. They can also cover maintenance sites for elevators, bathroom facilities, and so on. Hoarding walls can also be used for the storage of tools and materials to keep them safe, clean, and undamaged. 

Exterior Construction Sites

Hoarding walls are often used outdoors to protect jobsites as well as things like scaffolding. By protecting the base of the scaffolding with hoarding walls, you protect everyone passing by, as the hoarding walls prevent any disturbance to the scaffolding that could compromise its structural integrity. They are also beneficial for blocking out construction sites, particularly those interfering with urban areas.

As mentioned, hoarding walls are commonly set up in commercial settings, but they can be used in residential settings too. Imagine a client who is renovating their living room, but their house has an open floor plan connecting directly to the kitchen. They may opt to have hoarding walls installed around the renovation area in order to prevent noise, dust, and other distractions from entering the place where they prepare and eat their meals.

Full Work Site Protection

For ultimate worksite protection, you can add additional protection products to your jobsite alongside hoarding walls, such as dust containment and floor protection products. 

Since construction jobsites are often very dusty places, Alpha Protects offers various dust containment products. These include recyclable drop cloths, reusable zipper containment sheets, and dust containment poles to help seal off any area. These products pair well with hoarding walls, especially if the walls don’t reach the ceiling of the site or if a section of the jobsite needs to be kept dust-free.

Floor protectors come in many forms and vary depending on the type of floor that needs protecting. When it comes to carpets, for example, easy-to-remove protective films are often used. Such films are applied to the floor of a jobsite, thus preventing the carpet from absorbing dust and water and preventing things like sparks from igniting the carpet.

These products, in combination with hoarding walls, create the safest, cleanest jobsite possible and are guaranteed to leave the space in the best condition possible when the construction is over.

Swiftwall Solutions in Edmonton

For excellent jobsite protection in Edmonton, look no further than Alpha Protects. We offer professional, reliable, and sustainable solutions to turn hazardous construction sites into safe workplaces. To simplify surface and jobsite protection for you, we are happy to provide our expert advice via email, phone, or at our address in Sherwood Park. Get started defending your jobsite with the best protection products from Alpha Protects today!