4 Cost-Effective Floor Protection Options for Different Types of Construction Jobs

It’s a clear fact that construction sites are messy zones. This means if your job site surrounds or is adjacent to a finished or partially finished residential or commercial area, you need the right protective products to contain dust and debris, muffle the sounds of tools, and protect the finished surfaces from spills and damage. Planning ahead and protecting existing finishes can prevent repairs or replacements after construction ends, making your clients happy and saving you unnecessary expenses. 

At Alpha Protects, you can find all the surface protective materials you need for any job site. The key features to look for are:

  • Easy application
  • Clean removal 
  • Spill-resistant
  • Breathable materials
  • Flexible materials
  • Easy to cut to size
  • Durable

Here are four examples of cost-effective floor protection options for your next construction project.  


The first protective equipment you can consider is called X-Board. X-Board, it’s easy to use and is a durable, long-lasting protector. The X-Board is breathable, which is important as it can be used even while curing floors. You can use the X-Board on both the floor and wall as it lays flat when rolled out. X-Board uses a Spill Block technology so no liquids, such as water or paint, get below the cover and onto the surface of walls or floors. This technology ensures that you can get the job done without damaging any surfaces. The product will also last the duration of any construction job. 

AllProtect Flex

AllProtect flex is a versatile product that protects floors, stairs, and furniture and is easily applied to multiple surfaces. It also acts as a temporary trap for dirt and offers spill protection. The thin, flexible design of AllProtect Flex makes it possible to apply in difficult positions that require a temporary protective surface. It is a simple solution that cuts and trims easily for intricate and complicated areas that many other temporary floor protection products cannot cover. 

Before applying AllProtect Flex, it’s important to ensure that the room temperature must be 18°C. The product is made of 100% recycled materials and can be reused if not damaged. While the material is vapour-tight, meaning it can be used on some surfaces that have active diffusion, it is best to use it on a test location before applying it to a large area.  


Another solution for protecting surfaces during construction is EZ-Cover. This protective covering comes in 8’ x 50’ rolls and works well as a mechanical and impact protector. EZ-Cover is designed to help protect marble, hardwood, terrazzo and other types of flooring that need a shield layer during construction. EZ-Cover works as a protective blanket to help prevent any damage to the existing flooring. Because it is a cellulose product, it is a material that is natural and can be considered biodegradable. 


The LEED Approved protection Floorshell is eco-friendly. It is made from 100% recycled newspaper and is equipped for your toughest jobs. It is a heavy-duty conduction board that protects any type of wood, concrete, tile, stone, vinyl and many other flooring types. The board is 45mm thick and works against spills through liquid-repellent technology. This can help with damaged incurred through paint, water, and much more. Floorshell can also be used for protecting baseboards and walls and has a breathable seal to allow for curing floors. 

Heavy Duty Temporary Floor Protection Products in Edmonton 

At Alpha Protects, we offer temporary floor protection products and surface protection products for any work site. If you have a surface that needs protecting, padding, or a liquid barrier, we’ve got the solution for you. Browse the products on our website or download the catalogue to find what you need for your worksite.