5 Unmatched Benefits of Temporary Partition Walls in Commercial Construction

When you walk through an indoor commercial space, such as a mall, airport, museum, or office centre and see a series of plain walls or walls decorated with ads for a new business in place of a storefront, you’re actually looking at temporary partition walls which are hiding a construction site from public view. Why would they be hiding a construction site? Construction sites are usually in plain view outside, so why hide them inside? In this article, we’ll explore the answer to that question and explain why temporary partition walls are highly useful for indoor commercial construction.

The Benefits of Separating Commercial Construction Areas

There are several reasons why it is good practice to keep construction sites hidden and inaccessible to the public. Construction sites are job sites and, while active, are not public spaces. There are safety protocols for entering a construction zone that must be followed. They can also disrupt the regular functions of the surrounding areas if left open.

Improving Public Safety

Active construction zones are not the safest places. There are numerous hazards, such as dangerous tools, heavy equipment, debris, holes, fire risks, electric shock risks, and more. Anyone not part of the jobsite is not trained and qualified to deal with those hazards and may not be able to anticipate all of them. The jobsite is no place for the public, and accidents and injuries could happen if they accidentally end up on the construction site.

Reducing Noise

Construction sites can be noisy. Noise can be disruptive to other businesses nearby when construction is underway. Building a temporary wall system is an excellent way to decrease the noise of jobsites with activity happening around them.

We recommend the SWIFTWALL temporary hoarding system because it has a Thermax core for noise reduction.

Boosting Aesthetics

Indoor construction sites can decrease the aesthetic quality of a space. Heavy machinery, power tools, dust, and debris don’t usually match the rest of a mall, home, or busy street. By blocking the public view of the work zone, you can:

  • Minimize distractions
  • Reduce dirt and debris getting tracked into other areas
  • Limit potential damage to surrounding areas
  • Maintain a clean aesthetic
  • Create anticipation about the new space under construction

You can also create a temporary advertising space with the walls and add information about the project in progress outside the modular wall system.

Creating a Fire Safety Separation

Fire safety doors close during a fire to prevent flames from quickly spreading. Temporary walls on a commercial construction site can also prevent fires from spreading. Despite many safety protocols, construction sites are often home to quite a few fire hazards. To increase overall safety, it’s a good idea to install hoarding walls.

Allowing for Privacy

Anything that needs to be hidden from the public can be hidden easily by hoarding walls. It keeps the project out of view and helps increase anticipation for the big reveal at the end of the project. Hoarding walls are the solution when you have a project that calls for discretion.

Big Benefits that are Cost-Effective

Investing in hoarding walls is typically the most economical solution to problems associated with exposed construction sites in commercial areas. There are not many other options for temporary barriers around construction sites that provide the same benefits as hoarding walls. The SWIFTWALL hoarding systems and not many can do it at the same price. For the most benefits at the best cost, turn to SWIFTWALL’s temporary hoarding systems.

Reliable Temporary Partition Walls and Hoarding Walls in Canada

When you need quick, reliable, and cost-effective hoarding wall solutions, Alpha Protects can help. Alpha Protects brings you SWIFTWALL temporary hoarding systems, which are fast to assemble and tear down and remain lightweight without compromising their ability to hide construction sites and contain hazards. SWIFTWALL systems are highly versatile and can be easily used in various environments. Learn more about SWIFTWALL systems and download the product catalogue hereGet started with your temporary partition wall system by contacting us today.