5 Important Locations to Use Surface Protection Products During a Renovation

There is a lot to do to prepare for renovations. That preparation often involves setting up surface protections to keep spaces safe from damage during renovations and to make cleanup easier. The area due for renovation will suddenly turn into a construction zone with heavy foot traffic, loud tools, and copious amounts of dust. Protecting the space from construction debris is imperative in a renovation project, and that’s where surface protection comes into play.

Why Protect Hard Surfaces?

If you neglect to protect hard surfaces during renovations, you could deal with many frustrating and expensive damages afterwards. Countertops, sinks, bathtubs, hardwood floors, and other surfaces can be easily scratched or chipped during renovations. Post-renovation, you may need to spend extra money to replace damaged surfaces. However, surface protection products are easy to find, easy to use and prevent these types of damage.

What Should I Protect?

What should you be protecting during renovations? Generally, you should protect hard surfaces, flooring, wall corners, HVAC systems, appliances, windows, and more. Here are five vital locations to protect with surface protection products during renovation.

1. Kitchen Countertops

A countertop often becomes a nice workbench during a kitchen renovation, which is why you’ll want to cover it to keep it safe from scratches and chips caused by heavy tools and materials. Of course, you could use cardboard and tape as a quick fix, but investing in some countertop film is a good idea for more reliable protection. Countertop film protects the surface effectively, is easy to apply and remove, and prevents scratches.

2. Bathtubs

Suppose something heavy and hard, like a hammer, accidentally drops into an unprotected bathtub during renovations. In that case, it will leave an undesirable mark or chip behind, which could mean costly repairs or even replacement. But not to worry! There’s a simple fix: bathtub protectors. These tub protector liners are made out of shock-absorbant, high-impact plastic and will keep your tub safe. Plus, they are reusable!

3. Bathroom Vanities

During bathroom remodels, it’s best practice to cover your bathroom vanity and mirror to prevent damage. Like a kitchen counter, it often becomes a workbench during renovations and becomes susceptible to damage. Thankfully, one can avoid such damage with the use of hard surface protection films and window protection films.

4. Millwork and New Cabinets

If your home features beautiful millwork or new cabinets in your kitchen, bathrooms, or storage rooms, you’ll want to keep it safe during renovations. Workers may place tools on wooden surfaces which are vulnerable to scratches, chips, and stains. The nature of a worksite means that your wooden surfaces could easily be damaged if left unprotected. We recommend not taking chances and using quality surface protection products to cover your cabinets. 

5. Windows and Window Frames

Your windows and window frames are another area vulnerable to knicks, scratches, and dents during a construction or renovation project. Surface protection products give your windows and window frames an essential layer of protection against impact, spills, and bumps. They’ll also prevent the buildup of dust, dirt and debris from your window sills and ledges, reducing the amount of cleanup after the project is complete.  

High-Quality Surface Protection Products in Canada

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