Why You Need to Use Temporary Hoarding Walls for Your Next Project

Organizing a construction project requires careful planning to make sure everything is in place. Laying the groundwork for a project involves everything from the personnel responsible to the materials required to the safety measures needing to be enforced. There is more to the job than timelines, procurement, and budgets. Public safety and site protection are also essential. Setting up a partition around the jobsite is necessary to ensure public safety while containing the noise and mess of a construction site. An effective way to keep your project secure and the surrounding public safe is to use hoarding walls as a partition and wall system.

What Is a Hoarding Wall?

Hoarding walls or temporary construction hoarding is a wall, fence or partition that is typically used around a construction site. These partitions are designed so that your team can set up and tear down the walls with ease. The hoarding we recommend goes up fast, connects effortlessly to other panels to fit areas of all sizes and perimeters, and creates a sturdy, sound-reducing barrier between the worksite and other spaces.

Why Use Hoarding Walls?

Hoarding walls allow you to build a temporary wall around your worksite, creating a protective barrier between the work in progress and the surrounding public. This can also prove to be useful when needing to segregate different parts of your jobsite. These separations contribute to jobsite security and public safety. These barriers help with noise reduction and debris containment. Essentially keeping the public off your jobsite and your jobsite out of the public eye.

Jobsite Security

There are many reasons why you need to keep your jobsite secure. You might have valuable materials that need to be protected, or you might be moving valuable merchandise in and out of the worksite during the construction phase. In any case, you’ll want to ensure that you have temporary security measures to control who gets onto your jobsite and who doesn’t. When it comes to construction hoarding, specifically with SWIFTWALL Temporary Wall Systems, you can secure the area and add locks to the entryways for additional security.

Public Safety

Worksites contain multiple hazards and are often very unsafe for the neighbouring public. Heavy equipment, loose building materials, and open gaps in infrastructure are just a few of the potential dangers that would face the common person were they to wander onto your jobsite. The best practice and way to avoid unnecessary damages, costs and threats to public safety is to utilize a hoarding system. Public safety is extremely important. The use of hoarding walls, along with other security measures, such as security systems and warning signage, are all things that can help ensure the safety of the encompassing public.

Contain Noise and Debris

In addition to public safety, the noise and debris generated on worksites is often more than just a safety hazard; it can be a major annoyance. Depending on the type of construction underway, the jobsite will often generate a lot of noise. This could be from the sound of workers hammering, engines running, machines whirring, or concrete crashing down. Partitions like the ones that SWIFTWALL provides can greatly reduce the amount of noise pollution that might come from your jobsite.

However, noise is not the only pollution concern. Various types of debris and material particulates can cause harm to the surrounding public and the environment. These are things such as smoke, fumes, and copious amounts of diverse kinds of dust. While workers can set up dust traps to minimize the debris carried beyond the worksite, hoarding walls prevent the debris from escaping throughout the workday.

Where Can Hoarding Walls Be Set Up?

Hoarding walls have various uses and applications in both residential and commercial settings. Here are some examples of different locations where hoarding walls are useful:

  • Shopping malls
  • Airports
  • Warehouses
  • Residential renovations
  • Outdoor construction site perimeters
  • Short-term storage solutions
  • Hospitals and clean rooms
  • Office customization

The great thing about temporary hoarding walls, such as the SWIFTWALL Temporary Wall Systems, is that they can be used both indoors and outdoors to separate a work zone from a non-work zone.

Other Benefits of Hoarding Walls:

The benefits of using hoarding walls extend beyond the purpose of protecting your jobsite and containing noise and debris pollution. If in a visible location, hoarding walls make excellent backdrops for advertisements. You’ve likely seen hoarding walls in city centres with posters plastered to them or official billboards attached. SWIFTWALL panels create a great space for graphics and ad campaigns.

Hoarding walls have the added benefit of shielding the jobsite from public view. If your project is going to have a grand opening or re-opening, keeping progress hidden from sight is a brilliant way to build suspense and impress any visitors on reveal day.

On top of hoarding’s many uses, structures such as SWIFTWALL Temporary Wall Systems are ideal for quickly setting up temporary rooms that can be used for offices, hospital rooms and clean rooms, emergency shelters, and so much more.

SWIFTWALL and Sustainability

Unlike other hoarding and partition setups, SWIFTWALL is not only cleaner, faster, and easier to set up and take down, it’s reusable. SWIFTWALL Temporary Wall Systems and the sustainability, reusability and recyclable nature of the product are why we are so passionate about recommending their use.

For example, when utilizing a standard drywall and stud setup, think about all the waste that comes with it. In the setup alone, there is time lost, materials lost, and waste created. Then looking at the takedown, after the project is completed, it is almost guaranteed that there will be 100% of materials lost, and all that product is now waste that will end up in landfills.

SWIFTWALL Temporary Wall System is not only recyclable but also reusable. With an effortless setup and take down, it is easy to reconfigure to meet your specific hoarding needs at every stage of project development. With little to no material loss, vast reusability, time, and money saved, SWIFTWALL Systems become an asset to your company.

SWIFTWALL Temporary Wall Systems in Canada

When you need a temporary hoarding system for your next project, try the SWIFTWALL System. It can be set up and taken down in no time, and with different heights and quantities available, it is customizable to meet your specific wall or partition needs. The panels are lightweight for ease of use while still providing heavy-duty protection to contain the toughest jobsites.