5 Reasons to Use Carpet Film 

Completing projects for your clients on schedule and within budget is a top priority as a contractor. One way to ensure you keep your clients happy and avoid unexpected costs is by using the correct temporary surface protection product to protect the surfaces around your work.

When clients have carpet, whether it’s commercial carpet in an office building or a lush, soft carpet in a home, you’ll want to keep it covered and safe. Think of the dirt stuck to boots or wheels on dollies; the dust and debris from the surrounding work; the spills and stains from all manners of liquids present on the jobsite. The newly added expense of having to clean or replace a ruined carpet is the last thing your client or crew wants.

What’s the best way to keep a carpet protected during a renovation? Using a product that is specifically designed to be used on carpets that will stay put while providing industrial strength protection. We recommend using a temporary adhesive film, such as the ALPHA Carpet Film.

The Benefits of Carpet Film

Covering your carpet with a protective film prevents dirt, debris, or sawdust from getting into the fibres. It also protects your carpet from discolouration, wear and tear, and promotes cleanliness in general. In addition to keeping your carpet safe, ALPHA Carpet Film is an easy-to-use, durable film you’ll want to have on every project that involves working around the carpet. Carpets deserve top quality, durable protection during construction and renovations. ALPHA Carpet Film temporary surface protection has 5 great features to keep your carpet safe and is easy to use.

1.  ALPHA Carpet Film Leaves No Residue

When applying any type of temporary surface protection to your carpet, the last thing you want to worry about is a sticky residue left behind when you finish. ALPHA Carpet Film stays in place and leaves no residue when your project completes. When the work is done, all you will need to do is peel back the film from the carpet, and it will be as good as before construction started, all the dirt and debris is carried off with the film.

2.  ALPHA Carpet Film is Impermeable to Water

When exposed to liquids, carpets will naturally draw in moisture. This can lead to many potential problems ranging from foul odours to mildew and mould. Covering your carpet with a protective carpet film during construction creates a waterproof barrier between your carpet and the project. This is always a good idea to prevent moisture or liquid from boots, project materials, or clean-up from soaking into your carpet.


3.  ALPHA Carpet Film is Specifically Designed for Soft Surfaces

Although we offer a variety of temporary surface protection products that can be laid down on carpeted flooring, the ALPHA Carpet Film is specifically designed to cling to soft surfaces, such as carpets. The adhesive underside grips the fibres of the carpet and as mentioned before, leaves no residue behind. This not only ensures that your carpet is protected, but it also keeps those who walk on it safe. Other products that are not specifically designed for carpeted flooring may bunch up or slide around which can lead to trips and falls on the jobsite.

4.  ALPHA Carpet Film is Clean and Hygienic

Considering how much time your client’s customers likely spend walking, sitting, or even lying down on their carpet (we’re imaging those young kids in the office waiting room), keeping it hygienic and clean is important. Using a temporary surface protection product means your client won’t have to spend hours vacuuming and deep cleaning the carpet after your work is done. When your project doesn’t cause your client additional work, they’ll be much happier with the result.

5. ALPHA Carpet Film is Easy-to-Use

Carpet films are extremely easy to use, which makes it the obvious choice to protect your carpet in all construction, renovation, or DIY projects. You can roll it out in a single sheet for hallways or use it in layered strips to cover an entire room’s floor surface. The film is simple enough to lay down free hand but we recommend using a carpet film applicator that is designed to increase ease and efficiency.

Your Local Supplier of Carpet Protection

Alpha Protects is your go-to supplier for a range of temporary surface protection products for all surfaces, from carpets to countertops to walls and floors. Each of our products are tested for quality, durability, performance, and ease of use so your project can go from start to finish without a hitch. Before your next reno or construction project, order your supply of ALPHA Carpet Film along with your other temporary surface protection essentials to ensure your jobsite is well defended from day one.