7 Convenient Benefits of Using Window Protection Film

When you’re preparing to start a renovation project, keeping existing surface protected should be on the top of your list. You will likely arrive with a toolkit filled with surface protection products for both soft and hard substrates. You are likely to have products for floor protection, carpet protection, and a variety of other surface protectors. You think you have everything you need to prevent spills, bumps, or scratches from happening. Windows are often an overlooked part of the job to protect, have you thought about how to avoid damage from occurring on windows and glass surfaces?

Utilizing window protection during painting is essential but can prove useful for other things as well. Glass can be a magnet for dust and debris and create more clean-up work than you bargained for. When you use ALPHA Window Film, you not only keep the windows in your work area clean and protected, but you also save yourself time and unnecessary hassle before and after your work is done.

The Benefits of Using ALPHA Window Film

Windows can be a tricky area to cover and keep safe from the debris, dust, and paint splatter that happens on a job site. That’s why we recommend ALPHA Window Film to our clients. It’s easy to use, effective, and works on all glass, trim, and window surfaces. Here are seven benefits you’ll enjoy when using window protection film on your next job.

1. ALPHA Window Film Prevents Paint Splatter

Even the most careful painter will cover the nearby surfaces to keep them safe from paint splatter. When you have windows near the area you want to paint, ALPHA Window Film has you covered. You can easily keep the glass safe from both paint splatter and stray brush strokes.

2. ALPHA Window Film Saves Time Cleaning

Covering the windows on your job site helps you save time cleaning at the end of your project. All you need to do is peel away the film, and the glass is as clean as it was when you started. Not having to clean or scrub windows saves you time and energy, making your job more efficient.


3. ALPHA Window Film Is Easy to Install

ALPHA Window Film is quick and effortless to apply. Simply roll it out by hand and smooth it into place or use a specially designed applicator. Once the film is applied, it forms a tight bond with the glass to ensure that it is held in place until you need to remove it. No additional tapes or fixing is required for the film to remain in place.

4. ALPHA Window Film Is Easy to Remove

When you’re done, ALPHA Window Film is just as easy to remove as it is to apply. Peel back a corner and slowly pull it free from the glass. The film comes off clean without cutting or scraping, making your clean-up job easy. With our hard surface protection film for windows, you can save yourself time and stress before handing the space over to your client.

5. ALPHA Window Film Leaves No Residue

One of the best features of ALPHA Window Film is that it’s residue-free. That means you can remove it at the end of your project without worrying about sticky patches or mess from your work site. The strong adhesion stays up for the entire project and removes quickly and easily, making it the dream product for any project involving windows.

6. ALPHA Window Film Allows the Light In

Other window coverings block out the natural light, reducing visibility in the area where you and your team are working. ALPHA Window Film keeps your side of the glass protected without blocking the light for others. This is especially important if the area you’re working in shares windows with a public area or building section that is open for business.

7. ALPHA Window Film is Specifically Designed for Windows

As it is with most things, it is important to use the right tool for each job. ALPHA Window Film is specifically designed to be used on glass surfaces that are to be exposed to UV light. Other products may appear to be a good fit to protect your windows, however, the chemical components of the adhesive backings can be altered when exposed to UV light. This may result in the product becoming difficult to remove or end up leaving a sticky, residual mess behind. Your surface protection is supposed to increase ease and efficiency, not add to your workload. That is why it is crucial to use a product that is specifically designed to protect windows!

ALPHA Window Film Is Your Go-To Window Protection

At Alpha Protects, we carry quality temporary surface protection products to protect your windows, floors, walls, and any other hard surface during your construction project. Everything you need to cover and keep safe can be done with our line of easy-to-use products. Browse our line of hard surface protection products and be prepared for your next job.