7 Reasons You Need a SWIFTWALL System of Temporary Walls

Learn about 7 important reasons you need a SWIFTWALL System of Temporary Walls

Have you ever passed a construction site and admired the solid partitioning wall that cleanly separates the passing public from the hard work happening on the other side? If you aren’t in the industry, you may have not stopped to admire the wall but were rather curious to see what was happening on the other side. However, if you are in the trades and were admiring the temporary hoarding walls, chances are it was a SWIFTWALL System of Temporary Walls.

These temporary partitions often appear in shopping centres, airports, schools, and office buildings. They can be used almost anywhere that temporary walls are needed to block off construction work to keep people safe and contain disruption, pollution, and noise. In this blog post, we will cover the seven reasons why you need a SWIFTWALL Hoarding System for your next job.

Rapid Deployment

SWIFTWALL hoarding systems are lightweight modular wall systems that are easy to transport, deliver and set up. If you’re working at multiple sites, these movable walls are ideal because they are lightweight and easy to move.

Easy to Install and Remove

The modular system of SWIFTWALL temporary walls is ideal for indoor and outdoor construction and renovation projects because of how quickly and effortlessly they are to install and take down.

All that is required is to simply map out the area that you need to enclose and select the number of panels that you require. The walls can easily be configured in various ways to suit any worksite, including shopping centres, college campuses and schools, event centres, corporate headquarters, airports, and virtually any other commercial or residential space. Only requiring a drill so that the hoarding walls can be fixed in place to another surface.

Sound Dampening

Construction sites are loud, busy places. Noise pollution is a difficult thing to avoid, but something that can be extremely disruptive for the surrounding public. SWIFTWALL panels are designed to mitigate noise pollution, featuring a Thermax core, which is a unique sound dampening material. This means that a significant amount of construction noise is absorbed by the panels themselves, preventing it from echoing and disturbing the people and places surrounding the work site.

Short-Term and Long-Term Applications

SWIFTWALL temporary wall systems are suitable for both short-term and long-term applications. Temporary applications would typically be erected to shield construction sites from public view once a project has started. Longer term applications would be seen on industrial sites with ongoing and continuous construction work like warehouses, factories, or public buildings such as airports.


The idea of temporary walls itself is a versatile one. SWIFTWALL walls are extremely adaptable. They are specifically designed to give you the freedom and flexibility to use them to meet your unique needs. SWIFTWALL walls can be attached to scaffolding, walls, or even just the ground. You can use them for storage by installing shelving and doors, or temporary rooms or staging areas. Of course, they also work extremely well when used simply as walls, partitions, room dividers or barriers.


Construction sites are filled with expensive equipment and materials, a lot of which can be dangerous to the public. It becomes paramount that both your work site and the surrounding public are both contained, protected, and secured.  These hoarding systems can be outfitted with locks on the doors, as well as a roof to protect from the elements.  The walls themselves are made of sturdy steel and designed to fit together seamlessly with no gaps, making it impossible for those outside to see what is going on inside.

Curb Appeal

Construction sites aren’t generally known for their aesthetic appeal. The SWIFTWALL temporary hoarding system has a smooth, clean surface that makes them fit aesthetically into any setting.  Passersby would much rather look at a clean, white wall as opposed to the construction work going on behind. Leave them blank, and the public will pass on by without paying any attention to what is happening beyond the wall. However, you can also utilise this space effectively to advertise the new development underway or simply bring awareness to a brand of your choice. The possibilities are endless with the SWIFTWALL system.

Whether you’re a commercial construction company or a small home renovations company, you are likely to come about a time where you need to put up temporary walls. Using a system like SWIFTWALL creates an effortless setup and take down for your workers and avoid an eye sore for the public.

Temporary Walls in Alberta, Canada

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