Alpha Sticky Mat – 300 sheets


  • Reduces job site tracking of dirt, debris and contaminants
  • Great for all entryways
  • Multiple, easily removable sheets

The ALPHA Sticky Mat is the perfect solution to reduce tracking on the job site. When placed inside job site or work area entrances, the adhesive mat traps and removes dirt, dust and contaminants from footwear, wheels and other equipment passing over it. Works great in conjunction with our easy-to-use Sticky Mat Base. Great for clean-room entrances in hospital settings or medical facilities.

To use, simply leave at a job site entrance, step on the tacky mat and continue inside. After work or whenever the mat becomes dull, simply peel the dirty layer off to reveal a new, clean sheet underneath for the next use.

1 Box includes 10 packs with 30 sheets each. Totalling 300 sheets.


Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 24 × 2 in