Floorliner Original


  • Protects floors, carpets, stairs, tiles, etc

  • Protects from mechanical damage or stains from spilled liquids

  • Helps to prevent accidents

  • The rear side has active protection to help against slipping

  • Can be re-used several times

  • Can be laid out quickly

  • Environment-friendly

  • Composed of non-woven synthetic fibers; top side with PE sheet for water resistance; rear side with slip resistant coating

Do not lay Floorliner Original on freshly laid flooring, ceramic tiles, porous flooring, clay tiles, freshly sealed wooden flooring or any surface that should be allowed to breathe.

• Suitable For Use On Large Areas

• Self-Adhesive

• Protection Against Dust, Dirt, Debris, & More

• Water Impermeability

Floorliner Original is a water and impact resistant ‘roll out’ protection and being self-adhesive requires no additional taping or fixing to stay in place.

It is supplied in rolls and therefore, unlike other impact protection products, is easily transported and maneuvered on site.


Weight 20.5 lbs
Dimensions 39.36 × 10 × 10 in